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Nail Update!

Remember when I was obsessed with gels like two weeks ago? Good times. Well, I'm taking a break from them now basically because my dermatologist told me that if I continue to get gel manicures every week, my risk of skin cancer will increase a lot. And I DON'T want skin cancer. So, I decided to give up my beautiful long nails and go back to regular old nail polish for a bit. The worst part about this transition was that gels are great when you continue to get gels, but once you go back to polish, your nails become SO WEAK! I had to cut my nails so short, and I was really upset. All my progress I worked so hard for was gone, and I was back to short ugly nails. I picked out a new Essie color called Smokin' Hot (it's purplish grey). Here's a picture from the day after my manicure:

I kept this color on for about a week, but I was unhappy because my nails just weren't growing. I missed my long, strong, gel-enforced nails, but I didn't want to risk getting cancer. So, I did some research and spoke to my friend Karlyn, who has AMAZINGLY long nails. They are strong and even and they look GREAT! I asked her how she keeps them so healthy and she recommended a nail-strengthener product to me by Sally Hansen.

I read some reviews on this product and it got great feedback! Basically, you apply it on your nails every other day and they are suppose to get really strong really fast, which leads to longer nails! The only downside: i will have to keep my nails free of polish for a little while until they grow long again! But it's worth it. I started the treatment today, so here's my starting point. I will keep you updated on the progress!

UPDATE (11/16/13): I've been using the nail treatment since I bought it, and my nails are SO SO STRONG!! This product is great! I can literally open soda cans with my nails now; it's incredible. I decided to change my nail shape from square to pointy because I was looking for something new, so here is what they look like now:

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