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Time Travel Tuesday

As junior year is winding down, I began to reminisce on some of the best moments from this school year. One of those moments was when I was casted as Niki Harris in my school's production of Curtains: The Musical. It is not a very well known show, as it only ran on Broadway for a little over a year. Nonetheless, it is a fantastic musical! The show takes place in the late 1950s, a time period of gorgeous dresses and classy styles. Here's a clip of my co-star and friend, Matt, and I doing our big tap number in the show "Tough Act to Follow" (I'm the blonde in blue!)

The gorgeous dress I'm wearing in this number was not easy to find. We don't have a huge budget for the show at my school, so we initially planned on using a dress from our costume department. But, this number was so important to the show and nothing could live up to the original dress worn by Jill Paice in the original broadway production:

Image Source: Broadway World

So, my amazing mother and I set out to find the perfect dress that would make Niki Harris, and all the women of the 1950s, proud. After days of digging through every corner of the internet, my mother came across a real vintage dress from the 1950s that looked almost identical to the one worn by Jill Paice. We purchased it immediately and the rest is history. Being a part of my school's production was the most rewarding experience ever and I am so looking forward to next year! I don't know what was better: playing the role of Niki Harris or wearing super cute 50s clothes!

Image Source: Broadway World

Image Source: My Vintage Insanity

Image Source: The Vintage Treehouse

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